2. moomins for pon!

  3. i drew bigby from the wolf among us, my fanart is always too sloppy!


  4. Anonymous said: i want to thank you for making pen pals. the scene with the brothers and the manager made me feel something that few things can. i'd ramble on about my shitty life story and how i relate to it but that would just be pointless. i just want to thank you because for that 20 seconds or so, i felt like someone knew what i feel like. i'm sorry. you probably wont even read this.

    Sorry for the late reply! I like to keep nice asks like this in my inbox for a while so I can re-read them later for the obvious reason that they are incredibly nice and mean the world to me.. Thank YOU for enjoying something I made… I made that game in a very dark suicidal time, so knowing it helped someone else reflect on a dark time of their own takes a lot of weights off of my back.. id love to hear your life story if you ever feel like shooting me another ask, i like to listen! Thanks again for telling me this