1. ~~Pen Pals the game is now free to play!~~~

    ^^^ CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD LINK  also: the penpals tag

    penpals is a game about finding your mom


    I started this months ago as my first rpgmaker game whilst being really uneducated on the program so everything is weird, i just needed to put this out because people really did want it, and i needed to get this terrible game out of the way

    the version you’ll play isn’t really complete yet and never will be, there are a few bugs and a few mistakes, and things i would normally have cut out in there, but that’s alright…

    its messy, it sucks, share it with your friends and family! (HOW TO INSTALL/PROBLEMS/FAQ)(ANY PERSONAL QUESTIONS?)

    if any bugs come up let me know


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    guy please omg this is forever my favorite game i wish there was more games like it. Its super cute and super deep
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